#SEAN: Sean has been working on electro music under the name #SEAN since January 2011. Last November, he wrote and produced #DapperCads, a six-track indie-electro EP. “It’s Not Casual,” a track off the album, won The Untz Challenge that same month.

#SEAN is currently working on a series of dance tracks for his next EP, Noise.Noise.Noise. Vol. 1.






The Cold Equations: When relief pilot John Barton is sent on an emergency rescue mission to an unexplored planet, he is shocked to find young Marilyn Cross hiding aboard his ship. Barton discovers they have only enough fuel to carry himself and his precious cargo, and Marilyn’s added weight insures that they will crash if she stays on board. They have gone too far to turn back, and the computer calculations have made it brutally clear: someone must go or all will die.